Affected Bookings - Update

As we come Into the final week of May, we just providing a very quick local update on refunds status for a few areas. Currently Qantas processing has pushed out to 12-16 weeks so we are still in a holding pattern as they confirm credits and or/refunds for affected bookings. We also have a number of clients who are awaiting cruise refunds. These have been logged directly with the cruise lines, and they have been communicating further extensions on processing, again due to the skeleton staff in their reservations teams, as they manage the mass amount of changes and cancellations. We were looking at this week for atleast the cruise bookings to be finalised. It may still happen, but we will not know until further into the week.

With USA flight tickets, the majority of these refunds are still processing and it still may be a number of weeks before we have a more concrete date for these to be finalised. If you have not received a personal letter pertaining to your current booking status as yet, we do sincerely apologise, but we are working to get these out in an orderly process.

As of the beginning of May, we were looking at a first week of June for finalisation on a number of Tour bookings, but with these further delays, it may still be a few weeks as yet.

Please check back here periodically for any further general news.


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