COVID19 - Important Update

To all our wonderful clients, groups and leisure travellers,

Here at Sports Travel Managers we are constantly monitoring the round the clock changes and updates regarding the COVID-19 Virus situation that is currently impacting travel globally on an unprecedented scale.

If you are a part of a group that is soon to travel rest assured we are working round the clock to gather update-to-date information pertaining to your groups travel impact. If your event has been postponed or cancelled we will be collating critical information over the coming days to ascertain what the best course of action will be.

During this time we are PRIORITISING BOOKINGS BY DEPARTURE DATE, with focus on March through May departures in date order. If you have a booking from June onwards, at present, unless your event has been cancelled, all travel and booking conditions currently remain in place and unchanged. Due to drastic reductions in airline services your travel arrangements may be impacted by change of times, dates etc..

Turn around times on any amendments, date changes and cancellation processes are extremely bottlenecked at present, so we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding, but together we will all get through this.

As of 17 March, the Australian Government has initiated an inbound travel directive, where all arriving travellers, including returning Australians, will be required to self-isolate for a 14 day period. Please be aware that this directive applies to ALL bookings regardless of departure date for the foreseeable future until the Pandemic risk subsides. Please consider this for overseas bookings that are still looking to proceed. We understand this can be a very frustrating time with no target or review dates as the situation is fluid. We will further update our clients should we receive new information regarding this directive.

This is an unprecedented event and all areas of the travel supply chain have and will be severely impacted and will continue to be until this global threat subsides. Where possible, we highly recommend rescheduling your tour, rather than cancelling as this will not only reduce everyone's financial impact but provide a renewed confidence in our Australian travel chain looking forward.

Please email us at: if you have any further queries.

We also recommend keeping up-to-date by visiting the below official channels on latest developments around COVID-19. Please follow the directives of your local and state health authorities.

Thank you and please stay safe!


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